Antoni Gaudi

Here I am in Barcelona, what an amazing art filled destination with an endless amount of photographic opportunities. One of those opportunities has been the work of Antoni Gaudi. His architectural wonders are nothing short of amazing, truly breathtaking work.

The photos you see below are most likely not what you expected after reading the title of the blog post. As always when traveling and photographing new work I’m always trying to photograph my subjects with a different twist. In this case, there was an overwhelming amount of passion and flow coming from the art of this house designed by Gaudi (Casa Batlló) The curves, colours and influences from nature in particular the flow of water is what I was attempting to capture through an abstract approach. There is almost a dreamland or fantasy like feeling while walking through his work and this is also something I wanted to portray through the abstract nature of the photographs. Therefore, like you would in the house, let your eyes follow the flow and lines of the photographs to make the most of the experience.

Many of the photographs below were shot through the glass of the beautifully designed light tunnel and staircase keeping the fluid spirit of his work but also highlighting the colour and unique shapes he is known for.


DSC00838DSC00807 DSC00839This was shot in the attic of the house, again his flow with smooth rounded corners was such an experience.


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