Arizona: Colour Or No Colour?

Whenever I travel and visit new places, of course with the camera in hand the main question is always “how will I take the photo differently than others?” In the case of hiking up a mountain in Arizona and taking photos of Cacti (yes plural for Cactus, had to look that one up), there are tons of photos like this so you have to challenge yourself to take a different perspective, something that first speaks to you but then for your viewers.

In the examples below, I was first using colour to set the mood and with the first photo letting the viewer create their own thoughts about the shot based on the abstract nature. As the sun started to set, I wanted the hard contrast of the cacti against the open sky to really stand out. This is the reason for the hard hitting black and white processing. To answer the question in the title, I would say both had a different purpose and overall effect to the feel of the photographs.

It was fun shooting mainly landscapes in Arizona but I am now working on some very abstract portrait work, so stay tuned for the next post.

Have fun out there!


IMG_2806 IMG_2808 IMG_2822

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