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Time to Smile Again

This will be my last “winter style” blog post as I think we are all sick of the weather here in Canada. Although I am happy with how these photographs turned out from a technical standpoint, they evoke feelings of coldness and emptiness.

Recently, we’ve had a few harsh weather events but now it seems like the sun is back, the temperature is rising and we can look forward to enjoying the nice weather to come.
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There may be some deception in the title of this post. Although the rocks reflect a remarkable balancing act, the actual exposure itself is far from balanced. I deliberately under exposed the photograph by about 1.5 stops to silhouette the rock towers and capture the strong colours in the background. It’s amazing how with a few tweaks of the settings you can completely change the tone the photograph. I included a couple photos below of the man setting up his “magical” experience to show how different these photos could turn out. Regardless, it’s all part of the art. Try different things and have fun with it! Read more

The Mountains | Lake Louise & Banff

The majestic mountains of Western Canada, a real breathtaking experience. This was my second time out this way but the first time with a photographer’s eye and objective. The objective was simple, show up with gear in hand and let the landscape dictate what to shoot. This was also one of my first times out with my new travel gear, the Sony NEX-5, 30mm f2.8 and a 55-250mm, all this together is about the weight of my Canon 7D with a 30mm prime lens. Needles to say, I love my new setup for travel!
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The Commute

It may only look like a simple photo down the tracks of the NYC subway system but think about how significant “the commute” is in our lives. For most of us, we spend the morning and the evening commuting to work or to a specific location and during this time a lot can happen. Regardless of the means of transportation, many conversations take place, many ideas are generated and memories are created.
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Art Deco | Miami Beach

I was recently in South Beach Miami and had the chance to photograph the awesome Art Deco style of the area. Every building had it’s own twist to the style making it really fun to photograph. The other fun element was that many of the buildings kept their style going inside as well, which you don’t always see these days. Read more

The Anticipation

I always love when you can take the time to set up and wait for that perfect shot. I did just that, set up my gear and was amazed at how fast the light was changing. The landscape changes in a blink of an eye, different light, different colours and a different vibe by the minute. These were all shot in south Miami beach.
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Over the Christmas holidays the Toronto and surrounding area was hit pretty hard with one of the worse ice storms ever seen in the area. I was driving through the area on Christmas Day and pulled over to take a few photographs to capture the magnitude of this storm and how it really shut down the city. I wanted the images to portrait a certain level of emptiness, to show that something was missing physically and emotionally.
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Simplicity | NYC

There is something I just love about a simple photo. In a way when there is less to look at I’m drawn in to ask more questions about the angle of the photograph, the colour choice, the lines and so on.
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Off to see the Nutcracker?

This taxi ride was full of energy, they must have been heading to see the Nutcracker. 🙂 As I’m sure you can guess from the yellow taxi this was shot in NYC and during “Santacon“. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of this Santacon event before arriving and also didn’t know it was only one day because I was ready to participate the following day!
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A Silenced NYC

New York city…just love this city! I had never been to NYC during the Christmas season so the one day snow storm was PERFECT to bring out the Christmas spirit! I’ve always loved this city for the energy and the fast pace but it was amazing how the snow could silence the environment. I’ve never seen Central Park so quiet it was just waiting for sweet moments to materialize.
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