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The Tale of the City on the Walls

A little longer blog post for this one as I just had my 15 seconds of fame this past Wednesday at my first photography gallery exhibit! What a great experience! Just like printing your own work brings another level to the art, seeing your work hanging up in a gallery brings you to a whole other level. Now for the story behind the photos. Read more

The Quiet & Calm of the Fog

There is such a powerful element that comes from fog rolling over a hillside. Include a beautiful time of year, the tranquility of a lake and you now have a very surreal moment.  I do not get that many opportunities to take these types of landscapes so when the moment arises I cannot resist taking out my camera. A beautiful landscape can evoke many emotions. This one in particular for me sets the mood of a quiet Sunday afternoon around a fireplace, sipping a great cup of coffee while enjoying a good novel.
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Antoni Gaudi

Here I am in Barcelona, what an amazing art filled destination with an endless amount of photographic opportunities. One of those opportunities has been the work of Antoni Gaudi. His architectural wonders are nothing short of amazing, truly breathtaking work.
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For those of you that have been following the blog for some time you know that I’m quite a fan of graffiti around the city. I’ve been working on another project documenting the great graffiti murals in Montreal. As I continue to shoot there are more and more themes developing such as portraits / faces, boroughs of the city, cartoons, animals and so on. Needless to say the project is still ongoing and I will be expanding the shooting to other cities around the world.

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Chihuly Exhibit

Breathtaking is how I would describe a Dale Chihuly exhibit. Perhaps I should have been out enjoying the wonderful weather at the beach but instead I was roaming around the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts witnessing these works of art.

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Shooting fireworks is not the easiest task, you are indeed trying to catch “drops of light” They fire up in the air, they burst and then they drop. Somewhere in that sequence you need to open up your shutter and freeze that motion. I was lucky enough to be standing beside a pro shooter that used to capture this display of fireworks professionally and he was nice enough to share the best camera settings for this type of shooting.

The Boston Streets

I just returned from visiting Boston for the first time and wow, what a city! I would highly recommend Boston to anyone, great people, awesome architecture, a rich history and just a lot of fun.

So that brings me to the photos. What to shoot, what series could I work on and what ferocious photos could I pull out of Boston? These were some of the questions entering my mind which I really did not have answers for. At the end of the day I followed my gut and shot what felt right. For me, Boston was really all about the energy in the streets, the unique brownstone buildings and awesome little shops. I was shooting digital but only in black and white, which gave a whole new experience to the shooting. First I love black and white, especially when it comes to street photography but seeing the photo in BW on the back on my Fujifilm X20 screen as I was shooting was great.

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Back To The Street

It’s been a while since I last posted on street photography. Not that I haven’t been out there shooting, I always have a camera on me. It may be a bit pesky to carry around a big digital SLR camera with you all the time but this is no excuse for not having a camera with you. Most of us have a phone that has a good quality camera but there are also really good small compact cameras these days. I just picked up a Fujifilm X20 and have been really impressed with the results. I’ve noticed many photographers are experimenting with these types of cameras and reporting back with amazing results. Trey Ratcliff, the HDR guru has been traveling around the world shooting bracketed shots with one of the new mirrorless systems from Sony (NEX-7) and it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference from the NEX-7 and his typical Nikon D800 shots. To see for yourself, check out his Sony NEX-7 review.

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Arizona: Colour Or No Colour?

Whenever I travel and visit new places, of course with the camera in hand the main question is always “how will I take the photo differently than others?” In the case of hiking up a mountain in Arizona and taking photos of Cacti (yes plural for Cactus, had to look that one up), there are tons of photos like this so you have to challenge yourself to take a different perspective, something that first speaks to you but then for your viewers.

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The Intimate Portrait

I just finished a fantastic workshop through Linda Rutenberg title the “Intimate Portrait” focusing on pulling out emotion and the inner beauty of your subjects. Photographing people is often a very challenging task, they could require a lot of direction, they could be very uncomfortable in front of the camera or you could get a natural and everything flows very well.  All to say you need to be prepared and have a strategy in mind.

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