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Capturing A Different Perspective

I was recently in Vienna, Austria roaming around with my camera looking for unique scenes. I find when it comes to travel photography I’m always trying to think of how I can take the photograph with a twist. Easier said than done…Anyone can take a photo of a sunrise that will look nice just given the rich colours and the landscape but what goes through your mind to make that photo a little different? Are you using a 70-200mm instead of a wide angle? Do you have an interesting foreground object changing the focus of the photo? Do you have a final processing in mind that will give the photo a little extra spice? There are many solutions to creating that unique photo and I find this challenge is what keeps many people engaged in the art.

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Shaharah & Austin (Montreal)

It was fun being a fly on the wall shooting these two local musicians free styling in the park. They are both incredibly talented so I can’t wait to hear their first album together! In the meantime, for a taste of some great music you can check out Shaharah’s work at

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