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The Inspiring Vienna.

There is a very special feeling and mood when walking the streets of Vienna. You can feel the history of the city, the great artists that spent their life creating world-renowned work within the white walls of these beautiful buildings. As an artist walking the streets, admiring the legendary pieces of art in the museums and taking in new sights and sounds it is a truly inspiring experience. Read more

#Hashtaging NYC.

I always love jumping into the energy that NYC has to offer. I had a great long weekend in Manhattan primarily exploring the Soho and TriBeca neighbourhoods. The trip or locations I visited were all primarily found on Instagram via hashtags. It’s amazing how much information you can find following the web of hashtags and when doing this with Instagram you have the added benefit of seeing the location.

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The Winter Effect Part II

I think anyone living in Canada at this point is having a “lovely” experience with winter. This year in particular seems quite intense, very cold and what seems like, an endless amount of snow.

As a photographer, it’s always a challenge to stay motivated to go outside and shoot in these types of conditions. There is an added layer of complexity with clothing and camera gear, BUT that should not stop you! As my good friend and teacher Linda Rutenberg always says, “dress appropriately”. She definitely has the merit to be giving advice on this topic given her most recent project up in the Gaspé Peninsula. She has recently put together an incredible body of work titled The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time. Read more


I would describe Tokyo in one word. AMAZING! I’ve never been to such a clean and orderly city with such kind and respectful people. It was truly a remarkable experience. It was a quick trip and I only had a bit of time before my flight back home but I quickly downloaded the metro app and started to explore! Read more

Keeping an Open Eye

2014 has been a very busy year of travel which has been great because it means I’m also photographing new places. The last month however, has been more quiet on the travel front and I find I’m shooting more local street and abstract photography. I always keep an eye out for interesting shapes, contrasts and colours. I find each year I go through one of these stages and the most important aspect is to keep shooting!

Have fun out there!


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Urban Senegal

This post is off subject from why I was  in Senegal, to document water projects with Water Charity in the rural villages, however I felt like I had to share what I’ve been witnessing.

There are many great organizations working to bring the basics to the villages such as water, sanitation and education. However, there does not seem to be much effort in the bigger cities. Sure many of these cites have electricity and bottled water but the filth, poor sanitation and poverty are factors of major concern. Read more

Goree Island

Just off the coast of Dakar, sits an island with a very long and dark history. It was an island once used for the Atlantic Slave Trade. Now it is a popular tourist attraction with a ton of local artists selling their work. The buildings and the art are all very colourful, a place you could spend an entire day photographing. I found the village quaint and very cute. Enjoy the colours!

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San Francisco (SF) Part I

San Francisco! What an amazing city with great neighborhoods, awesome restaurants and just happy people! It was my first time in the city and the plan was to explore and shoot. The secondary plan was to prepare my body to lug around my massive camera bag, loaded full of all the camera gear I’ll be taking to Africa in 10 days. Given the weight of two full camera systems in the bag, I was really impressed with the weight distribution and how well the bag was designed by the guys at F-Stop Gear. Read more

Time to Smile Again

This will be my last “winter style” blog post as I think we are all sick of the weather here in Canada. Although I am happy with how these photographs turned out from a technical standpoint, they evoke feelings of coldness and emptiness.

Recently, we’ve had a few harsh weather events but now it seems like the sun is back, the temperature is rising and we can look forward to enjoying the nice weather to come.
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The Commute

It may only look like a simple photo down the tracks of the NYC subway system but think about how significant “the commute” is in our lives. For most of us, we spend the morning and the evening commuting to work or to a specific location and during this time a lot can happen. Regardless of the means of transportation, many conversations take place, many ideas are generated and memories are created.
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