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The Country.

This is a slightly selfish post on my part mainly to warm up! Being the end of January and living in Montreal makes it slightly cooler than the hills of Virginia mid August!

These photographs were all taken while on a great mountain biking trip through the Shenandoah trail network. There really is beauty all around us, we just need to pay attention and take it in. Read more

Big Sur Coastline.

Breathtaking would be the word to describe this coastline. Each and every turn brings another unique view of the gorgeous coastline. I was fortunate to travel this road a few times. This allowed me to select a few key vantage points along the road and also time a shoot during a sunset. As you all know, light is everything!

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Walking the Streets.

Walking the streets is one of my favourite things to do in a city. I’m always amazed at what you see and what you can photograph. You can really get a good pulse of a city by taking in the details from the streets.

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What a wonderful city! Full of life, energy and endless opportunties to explore.  The cover photo for this post (man holding the tree on his bike) really sums up my experience walking the streets. Bikes absolutely everywhere and people using their bikes for absolutely everything! Each crossing of a street felt like it could be my last if I wasn’t super observent.  Read more

The Winter Effect.

I am always amazed at how the winter can change the mood of a place. There is definitely something different but whether this is good or bad really depends on your own personal preference.

I prefer the summer but there is something to say about the somber effect of the winter and snow. How the snow silences the sounds and the wind blowing through the naked tree branches really creates a different mood from the summer months. Read more


There is something about the presence of water that is very attractive. It can be surging storm water, still pond water or the peaceful tide coming in at sunset. There are so many different scenarios and they all evoke different thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Below are a few images photographed in Montreal, South Beach Miami and the Dominican Republic. Have fun out there!


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Old & New Come Together: Copenhagen

This city was a blast and a photographic paradise! The colourful historic buildings mixed with modern lines from the new constructions were really something to see. There is also such a zest for life in Copenhagen with so many people exercising along the canal or hand gesturing their next turn on the many bike paths that connect the neighbourhoods of the city. Taking an afternoon and renting a bike to explore the city is something I’ll never forget and was well worth it. Plus, seeing people react to my “accidental” ignorance to the biking rules of the city was also fun to see.  🙂 Read more

Kekererssi Village (Kedougou Region, Senegal)

Just wrapped up the southern tip of our voyage in the Kedougou region. It also means a slight break from the 43C degree temperature, but let’s be honest the “break” will probably mean a drop to 38C! Read more

Senegal, Africa: The First 2 Villages

I’m currently in Africa on behalf of Photographers Without Borders travelling with two great people from WaterCharity. We are visiting multiple water project sites across the country that have been initiated by the Peace Corps and funded by WaterCharity. I know, many organizations but all doing amazing work out here. Read more

The Tale of the City on the Walls

A little longer blog post for this one as I just had my 15 seconds of fame this past Wednesday at my first photography gallery exhibit! What a great experience! Just like printing your own work brings another level to the art, seeing your work hanging up in a gallery brings you to a whole other level. Now for the story behind the photos. Read more