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Urban Senegal

This post is off subject from why I was  in Senegal, to document water projects with Water Charity in the rural villages, however I felt like I had to share what I’ve been witnessing.

There are many great organizations working to bring the basics to the villages such as water, sanitation and education. However, there does not seem to be much effort in the bigger cities. Sure many of these cites have electricity and bottled water but the filth, poor sanitation and poverty are factors of major concern. Read more

The Last Visit: Foundiouge & Fatick Region

I can’t think of a better way to have completed our round of Water Charity / Peace Corps project visits. The project in the Guague Cherif Village was a newly constructed well within the grounds of the Health Hut. What I didn’t expect was to learn about all the other amazing pieces to this larger project. Read more

Sinthian Medina Cherif, Velingara District

At only 10 years old, this was one of the newest villages we’ve seen so far on the trip.

For me, the kids really stuck out as they were so happy and full of energy. It’s amazing to see them run around kicking a ball of rags as a soccer ball but being so happy to be playing with their friends. Even when a few of them fell out of the tree, there were no tears or screams, just a lot of laughter! Read more