Chihuly Exhibit

Breathtaking is how I would describe a Dale Chihuly exhibit. Perhaps I should have been out enjoying the wonderful weather at the beach but instead I was roaming around the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts witnessing these works of art.

From a photography standpoint, I really wanted to capture the detail in his work and leverage the lighting of the location. With the natural black background of the exhibit I immediately wanted to get in close and have the rich colour of the glass pop. I did not have my Canon 7D but instead a newfound love my Sony NEX-6. This has been an amazing powerful but really travel friendly camera. I also did not have a tripod with me nor do I think they would have allowed it. Somehow I feel that a big destructive tripod surrounded by precious glass would have been frowned upon. All to say, the shots below are all handheld, ISO between 1600-3200, F4.5 and a shutter speed no slower than 1/80th sec.

If you are in the area or ever have a chance to visit one of these exhibits I would highly recommend it. Enjoy the shots!


Chiluly-2 Chiluly-3 Chiluly-4 Chiluly-5 Chiluly-6


Josée Denison on August 20, 2013 at 10:29 am


Sorry we missed the exhibit while we were there. Looks awesome!