Shooting fireworks is not the easiest task, you are indeed trying to catch “drops of light” They fire up in the air, they burst and then they drop. Somewhere in that sequence you need to open up your shutter and freeze that motion. I was lucky enough to be standing beside a pro shooter that used to capture this display of fireworks professionally and he was nice enough to share the best camera settings for this type of shooting.

Aperture priority mode
Under exposed by 1 or 1.5 stops
ISO: 250
F 8 or 9


Those settings worked very well but it’s all about timing as your shutter speed is usual around 10 seconds depending on the amount of light in the sky. Therefore, you need to experiment with the sounds of the fireworks and when you will fire off your shutter.


Enjoy and have fun out there!
Why black and white processing on an colorful fireworks image? I’ve done this before with beautiful colorful sunsets and the reason behind it is to have the viewer fill in the color. Let your own imagination input the colors you would like to see. Often your most memorable sunset of firework display will pop back in your mind.


Love the pics
Thanks for the setting recommendations!

Sunay Shah on July 29, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Great pics Marc. (Testing Captcha)