The Mountains | Lake Louise & Banff

The majestic mountains of Western Canada, a real breathtaking experience. This was my second time out this way but the first time with a photographer’s eye and objective. The objective was simple, show up with gear in hand and let the landscape dictate what to shoot. This was also one of my first times out with my new travel gear, the Sony NEX-5, 30mm f2.8 and a 55-250mm, all this together is about the weight of my Canon 7D with a 30mm prime lens. Needles to say, I love my new setup for travel!

The images below were all shot in Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta. One evening, I hiked out on a trail that took me into another world. When you’re starring out at these mountains everything else is silenced, at that very moment it’s just you and the mountains. The vastness and tranquility around you is surreal and is what I wanted to capture through my photographs. The environment gave me such a feeling of calm and appreciation for the fact that there are so many great things in this world. You just need to stop and take a moment to enjoy what is in front of you.

Have fun out there!



Into the mist:




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