Old & New Come Together: Copenhagen

This city was a blast and a photographic paradise! The colourful historic buildings mixed with modern lines from the new constructions were really something to see. There is also such a zest for life in Copenhagen with so many people exercising along the canal or hand gesturing their next turn on the many bike paths that connect the neighbourhoods of the city. Taking an afternoon and renting a bike to explore the city is something I’ll never forget and was well worth it. Plus, seeing people react to my “accidental” ignorance to the biking rules of the city was also fun to see.  🙂

Enjoy the photos!




DSC03379One of the many examples of historic mixed with modern.


My interpretation of the impressive construction and lines of the Copenhagan Opera house. Follow this link to read more about this construction.



Colourful roofs lines of the city.


A real hidden gem in the city, a fish market by day and quiet beautiful restaurant area by night.  You’d never think this area would have unique little restaurants but once you stumble upon it, on your bike of course, it’s a great experience!



Great photos