San Francisco (SF) Part I

San Francisco! What an amazing city with great neighborhoods, awesome restaurants and just happy people! It was my first time in the city and the plan was to explore and shoot. The secondary plan was to prepare my body to lug around my massive camera bag, loaded full of all the camera gear I’ll be taking to Africa in 10 days. Given the weight of two full camera systems in the bag, I was really impressed with the weight distribution and how well the bag was designed by the guys at F-Stop Gear.

For more information about the bag (Loka Model) I was using, check out F-Stop Gear

For more information on the volunteer work I’m doing in Africa check out Water Charity.

Back to the photographs in Part I of this two part blog series. The first sets of photos are all from the street. There are endless photographic opportunities in SF and for me it was all about capturing a unique moment or taking the photograph with a slightly different style. I was primarily shooting with a 70 to 200mm F4 lens and a prime 30mm on my back-up camera. Enjoy the shots!


IMG_8976They both know they are there but what will the next move be?


Shot in Hayes Valley, great shops and restaurants.




Anyone who has been to SF knows the hills are crazy…


Great little ice-cream shop!



Shot from Twin Peaks.

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