San Francisco (SF) Part II

San Francisco Part II! There are so many beautiful shots of the Golden Gate bridge but there are also so many taken from that exact same angle, you know the shot I’m talking about… Don’t get me wrong, I love this photo, it was actually my desktop wallpaper for the longest time but I really wanted to capture a different perspective.

I idea was to shoot with a 70-200mm to bring in more detail and to also take some attention off the bridge. Let your eyes wonder around the other details of the photograph such as the mountains, trees, wind surfers and fog. Then the bridge serves more as a powerful background bringing everything together to complete the photograph.

Stay tuned for more posts, I have a couple really exciting trips lined up over the next 6 weeks. As mentioned in the previous post, I will be in Africa for two weeks volunteering as a photographer for, Many portraits to come!

Another trip I am really looking forward to is Copenhagen in early June. There is amazing history, architecture and world class cuisine to explore. It will be a voyage with many new experiences and memories!

Have fun out there!





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