Simplicity | NYC

There is something I just love about a simple photo. In a way when there is less to look at I’m drawn in to ask more questions about the angle of the photograph, the colour choice, the lines and so on.

While I was in New York I was experimenting with the “posterization” filter mode in the Sony NEX cameras. This setting really goes to the extremes with highlights and shadows and I knew that I could capture an interesting shot of the above water tank and building in this shooting mode. I’ve always loved the renovated buildings now converted to living spaces in NYC, they all have such character.

In this case, I really wanted to capitalize on the posterization effect that would be created with the natural lines of the tank, roof and windows. It’s a fun mode and I’ll post another set of photos from NYC in this mode in the future but for now see below for a colour version of what this mode can deliver.



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