Sinthian Medina Cherif, Velingara District

At only 10 years old, this was one of the newest villages we’ve seen so far on the trip.

For me, the kids really stuck out as they were so happy and full of energy. It’s amazing to see them run around kicking a ball of rags as a soccer ball but being so happy to be playing with their friends. Even when a few of them fell out of the tree, there were no tears or screams, just a lot of laughter!

The project that will start shortly at this village will be focused on latrines. Socorro Leandro from the Peace Corps describes it as follows:

“The school has no latrines, and when children need to go to the restroom they go to the bush in the back of the school building. This makes the surrounding area very unsanitary, and during the rainy season there is a high rate of giardia, diarrhea, and skin infections.”

Thanks to all on this visit, it was truly a memorable experience to photograph the people from this village.


Wonderful photos! What a great experience you are having.

Kimberly Scutt on May 29, 2014 at 12:35 pm