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Big Sur Coastline.

Breathtaking would be the word to describe this coastline. Each and every turn brings another unique view of the gorgeous coastline. I was fortunate to travel this road a few times. This allowed me to select a few key vantage points along the road and also time a shoot during a sunset. As you all know, light is everything!

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The Winter Effect Part II

I think anyone living in Canada at this point is having a “lovely” experience with winter. This year in particular seems quite intense, very cold and what seems like, an endless amount of snow.

As a photographer, it’s always a challenge to stay motivated to go outside and shoot in these types of conditions. There is an added layer of complexity with clothing and camera gear, BUT that should not stop you! As my good friend and teacher Linda Rutenberg always says, “dress appropriately”. She definitely has the merit to be giving advice on this topic given her most recent project up in the Gaspé Peninsula. She has recently put together an incredible body of work titled The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time. Read more

The Boston Streets

I just returned from visiting Boston for the first time and wow, what a city! I would highly recommend Boston to anyone, great people, awesome architecture, a rich history and just a lot of fun.

So that brings me to the photos. What to shoot, what series could I work on and what ferocious photos could I pull out of Boston? These were some of the questions entering my mind which I really did not have answers for. At the end of the day I followed my gut and shot what felt right. For me, Boston was really all about the energy in the streets, the unique brownstone buildings and awesome little shops. I was shooting digital but only in black and white, which gave a whole new experience to the shooting. First I love black and white, especially when it comes to street photography but seeing the photo in BW on the back on my Fujifilm X20 screen as I was shooting was great.

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