The Tale of the City on the Walls

A little longer blog post for this one as I just had my 15 seconds of fame this past Wednesday at my first photography gallery exhibit! What a great experience! Just like printing your own work brings another level to the art, seeing your work hanging up in a gallery brings you to a whole other level. Now for the story behind the photos.

Walking the streets in Basel, Switzerland I came across a great alley full of graffiti. If it wasn’t for the color of these murals below there would have been a good chance that I would have walked right past this alley. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and I was pulled into this magical world. I was surrounded by amazing art and I could have spent hours analyzing all the details.

Lets talk a little about some of the technical details. What I’ve noticed shooting graffiti is that it really comes down to a framing exercise because the eye appeal and art is there. My job is to represent that artists’ work accurately but also express my perception of the art through my photographs. The way I try to accomplish this is by framing and highlighting specific details, certain combination of lines, colors, textures and/or feelings. In the case of the photos below, it is energy. While I was shooting in this space it no longer felt like I was in an old European city, it was as if I was in another world. The colors, lines and the way the artist brought it all together was very energetic and was truly a remarkable experience.

The second element to these photographs is tied to the energy from the streets of my city, Montreal. Each photo was merged with a photograph shot through my condo windows looking out into the street to bring in another level to the photographs. The idea is looking out the windows of one city into another while tying in the liveliness of the streets through the energetic properties of the colors in the photographs.

Dive in and enjoy!




DSC011146 (16x20)

DSC010804 (16x20) DSC01080 (16x20)

DSC01081 (16x20)

DSC01072 (16x20)

DSC01114 (16x20)

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