The Quiet & Calm of the Fog

There is such a powerful element that comes from fog rolling over a hillside. Include a beautiful time of year, the tranquility of a lake and you now have a very surreal moment.  I do not get that many opportunities to take these types of landscapes so when the moment arises I cannot resist taking out my camera. A beautiful landscape can evoke many emotions. This one in particular for me sets the mood of a quiet Sunday afternoon around a fireplace, sipping a great cup of coffee while enjoying a good novel.

Moving into the technicalities, you can probably tell there is a high level of processing on the photograph but this was done to create more of a “painterly” effect to tie in the emotions described above. I also shot a series of 3-bracketed images to capture the extremes in light levels and to make sure I could pull out the detail behind all the fog.




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