The Winter Effect Part II

I think anyone living in Canada at this point is having a “lovely” experience with winter. This year in particular seems quite intense, very cold and what seems like, an endless amount of snow.

As a photographer, it’s always a challenge to stay motivated to go outside and shoot in these types of conditions. There is an added layer of complexity with clothing and camera gear, BUT that should not stop you! As my good friend and teacher Linda Rutenberg always says, “dress appropriately”. She definitely has the merit to be giving advice on this topic given her most recent project up in the Gaspé Peninsula. She has recently put together an incredible body of work titled The Gaspé Peninsula: Land on the Edge of Time.

As for the photos below, they were all shot during a snowstorm, overlooking the old port in Montreal. I was on a peninsula with rushing water from the Saint Lawrence river on one side and blowing snow coming off the ice on the other side. But, to Linda’s point, I was dressed appropriately and have to say had a lot of fun out there. In these situations, you are often the only crazy person out there doing this, which brings a certain element of silence and tranquility to the experience.

On the camera gear side, make sure you have a couple batteries with you. Our batteries really do not like the cold, so keep your spare battery in an inside pocket of your jacket. Think about which lens you want to use before you venture out. Swapping out a lens in this type of environment is just asking for trouble. Lastly, to avoid any dampness forming inside your camera when you return home, make sure to put your camera in a large zip lock bag before you change environments to allow for a gradual temperature change.

Enjoy the photographs and get out there!










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