The Winter Effect.

I am always amazed at how the winter can change the mood of a place. There is definitely something different but whether this is good or bad really depends on your own personal preference.

I prefer the summer but there is something to say about the somber effect of the winter and snow. How the snow silences the sounds and the wind blowing through the naked tree branches really creates a different mood from the summer months.

I set out one morning to capture the “winter effect” on the Lachine Canal in Montreal, normally a very active vibrant area full of people in the summer. I wanted to capture the silence of the area during the winter months.

It may seem like a somewhat negative blog post but I have to say I quite enjoyed shooting this series of photographs. The silence and tranquility of the area while I was shooting was really nice. It was just me, my camera and the location.

Have fun out there!



The Lachine Canal with the Atwater Market (clock tower) in the background.



The end of the path.


The buried bike stand.


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