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Imagine a world where your mind operates at peak efficiency, where stress and uncertainty are no longer obstacles but opportunities for growth. Marc integrates cutting-edge mental fitness practices into the fabric of your business operations to empower high-impact teams to thrive during exponential change and uncertainty.

Is your mind prepared for the next big disruption?

In pursuing peak mental performance, I advocate for proactive mental fitness, the ability to swiftly shift our mindset for success, and the understanding that a trained mind generates exceptional results. I also firmly believe we deserve to feel great and accomplish significant feats in the world.


Bestselling Author

Explore questions to stimulate your mental fitness and teach you how to direct your internal narrative to work for you. 


Personal Socrates: Better Questions, Better Life contains 100+ life-changing questions across 40+ profiles of Legends (Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, etc.) and Top Performers (Ryan Holiday, Shantell Martin, James Clear, etc.). Questions that have the power to change your life and work.

Published by Baronfig in New York City.

The number of people reached and impact achieved in less than two years, entirely devoid of paid media, through the mental fitness app co-founded and developed from scratch by Marc and his team.


The tally of minds empowered by Marc through mental fitness training within high-performing teams.


The number of minds Marc has studied, a number steadily escalating through his top 50 ranked podcast, Behind the Human. From visionary billionaires to iconic figures like Tony Hawk, and tracing back to historical luminaries such as Picasso.


The fact that a single question can unlock a completely new outcome and lead to exponential results.


Marc Champagne is a mental fitness strategist devoted to uncovering the mental fitness practices of brilliant thinkers, visionaries, and high-impact performers. 

He delves into the cognitive habits and strategies that define the great minds of our time (and those who have passed), peeling back the layers of intellectual prowess and psychological resilience.

Marc's work transcends mere observation. He carefully dissects the mental fitness routines of luminaries, extracting invaluable lessons that extend far beyond personal growth. His focus lies in translating these insights into actionable strategies for the corporate realm, revolutionizing the way teams operate and businesses thrive.


We combine the latest scientific research with practical corporate experience to deliver unmatched mental fitness strategies. Our programs are designed to foster resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset, ensuring your team is equipped to face any challenge. With Malosi, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a future where your team's mental fitness is a priority.

End-to-End Business Integration

Marc’s keynote presentations, mental fitness bootcamps, company retreats, and interactive workshops provide attendees with customized techniques and practices that equip them to overcome overwhelm, defuse emotionally charged situations, and clear out their minds so they can operate with greater clarity, focus, and innovation.

Team Training

Ignite your leadership potential in our exclusive program designed for just 14 visionaries. Achieve self, relational, and mission mastery through a personalized roadmap and proven mental-somatic fitness systems. Elevate your personal growth, relationships, and professional impact, charting a course towards global excellence. Join a select circle committed to unlocking human potential and redefine leadership.

Immersive 5-Day Experience

Mental Fitness Offerings

"We're already getting rave
reviews, thanks for making this
such a seamless experience. As
always, thank you for your
energy and presence, one of our
best to date in my opinion."


Nicholas W.

“I was inspired by Marc. I started to make time and space in my brain to be able to think, rather than race to get to the next action item….THANK YOU!”

Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals

Kathy C.

"I feel refreshed in a way that goes beyond just a temporary boost—it's a lasting state of clarity and vitality. Participating in this experience was like attending a masterclass in mental decluttering; it's as if I hit the reset button on my mind and emerged with renewed focus and energy."

HLS Therapeutics

Jeff W.


Top 50 Ranked Podcast

Join Marc, the creator and host behind the chart-topping podcast, Behind the Human!

Dive into the minds of the elite as they reveal their secrets to success on this weekly journey. From billionaires to Olympians, and culture icons like Tony Hawk, each episode unveils the mental fitness practices that propel them to the top. Don't miss out—subscribe now and unlock the power to train your mind for victory!

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